Mission and Purpose


                                                                              Global Digital Retailing Research Center - University of North Texas


The Global Digital Retailing Research Center at the University of North Texas, launched in April 2013,  works to advance digital retailing and consumer experience through academic and industry collaborations.  We actively bring together the best minds, ideas and creativity to shape the dialogue in objective thought and inquiry in the science of current and future digital retailing and its impact on consumers.


  1. Be a global thought leader in digital retailing and facilitate knowledge transfer to academic professionals, students, industry professionals and the general public.
  2. Facilitate and conduct research, in collaboration with industry, in the field of global digital retailing and impacted consumer experiences, sharing findings with industry and academic professionals, via mediums such as journals and publications and with the public, through mediums such as events, workshops, digital platforms and news outlets.
  3. Develop digital retailing talent through industry collaboration, exposure and event opportunities


We provide research opportunities and experiences for UNT undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral students within the Digital Retailing, Consumer Experience, Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism programs. We serve as the leading university in the US to facilitate collaboration with industry and other universities for Digital Retailing research, thought leadership, education, event experiences and talent success. We serve as the ‘face’ and ‘evangelism’ of Digital Retailing and Consumer Experience for UNT and the connection to the industry and community on the continually evolving science and dialog.