Retailer Digital Disruption: Why An Organizational Shift Is Needed Now

digital disruption, organizational shift, ecommerce, digital retailing, data analytics

Currently there are two types of retailers selling online: digital natives such as and Warby Parker, and traditional brick-and-mortar retailers that expanded their operations into this channel.

The DNA of digital natives is often designed to build, test, learn and analyze, and then adapt and change. At these types of companies, this behavior is repeated continuously, with no finish date or end point in mind. Companies that are considered digital natives employ business methods that are often much faster and more efficient than traditional retailers can execute, and their decisions are often based on what the consumer behavior data reveals.

In the first of a two part series for Total Retail, I discuss the foundation of of eCommerce businesses and retailer approaches with short and long term solutions to the disruption to their businesses.

Posted by Linda Mihalick on: 
Oct 20 2017