About Digital Scholar Blog

As Sr. Director of the Global Digital Retailing Research Center, Lecturer and Program Co-Ordinator for the University of North Texas’ Digital Retailing degree program, I’m passionate about the advancement of digital retailing, increasing knowledge and awareness of the science of multi-channel retailing and promoting a 360 degree understanding of continually changing consumer shopping behaviors. Read more about my executive and digital background and my role at UNT

In the Digital Scholar blog, I work to lead the current dialog at our university and in the industry. For many, the ongoing eCommerce dialog is hard to keep up with. It’s fast-paced, constantly changing and wide open for the next out-of-the box thinker to shake up the status quo. And that’s why we love it! Embracing the possibilities created by change and the digital consumer is exciting and ever evolving.

Here at the University of North Texas, as a Tier 1 Research university, we think one of the key methods to drive the relevant thought on the most current Digital Retailing dialog is to partner our university with industry retail companies and supporting technology businesses, to promote discussion, research and education of the next generation of digital retail leaders.