Students in Digital Strategies Course Help Wedding Cake Bakery Grow Business

University of North Texas students help Jenny Layne Bakery for class case study

Each semester, students in my Digital Retailing Strategies course work in teams on a real-world case study project, analyzing a local business’ online search results, website and mobile presence, digital communications to customers and consumers’ online experience. This spring I worked with Jenny Layne Bakery in Argyle, Texas. Jenny started out baking while in college, developing her business plan as a class project.  Fast forward to today, she bakes some of the most beautiful wedding cakes in the Dallas area.  But keeping up with the fast-moving digital customer is always a challenge for a small business.

Bake Magazine did a great profile on our outcome, which engages students to act as consultants to a real, operating businesses with challenges in the digital space. Read the Bake Magazine article How a College Class Helped a Customer Bakery Grow Its Business

Posted by Linda Mihalick on: 
Apr 30 2018