Digital Agency iProspect Hosts UNT's Digital Retailing Strategies Class

iProspect Digital Retailing Strategies University of North Texas

Yesterday I took my upper level Digital Retailing Strategies class to visit the iProspect offices in Ft. Worth. iProspect has been a strong long-time supporter of our programs, each semester providing leaders to speak in my classroom and share up-to-the-minute information on the always evolving ecommerce retail and hospitality landscape. Last fall, I piloted a field trip to their offices with students, so they could learn hands-on about the work environment (they bring their dogs to work!) and see first hand how teams collaborate together.  Our visit this year was lead by Andrea Wilson, who is VP, Strategy Director & Luxury Practice Lead. In the class, we reviewed the answers to the case study project the students had been working on, which utilized analysis and actionable digital media techniques they had been learning about in prior class sessions.

Additionally, iProspect's recruiting manager shared upcoming internship opportunies. We also enjoyed seeing several of our Digital Retailing alum who successfully landed jobs working for iProspect upon graduation. 

Posted by Linda Mihalick on: 
Oct 23 2018