Be Like Madonna, Transform Yourself Like a Chameleon

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In my latest guest blog post for Total Retail, I suggest 5 strategies to extend a long life to your own retail career, examining some tips from pop-star Madonna.

Throughout the 80s and 90s, Madonna was the undisputed master of continually reinventing herself. To the passive observer, her ability to adapt and change just ahead of her popularity waning likely seemed lucky and unchoreographed. However, if analyzed, it’s amazing to observe how just as one trend was hitting the downside of the bell curve, there was Madonna out front with a new persona, a new look and garnering another dose of media attention. And remember, this was all pre-internet. Eventually, her ability to set trends became unrivaled. Is it possible this was all by chance? Of course not. Whether she had many people looking out across the landscape, gauging trend barometers and anticipating when the bright light of her current persona might start fading, or if her own keen insight kept her on top so long, it’s undeniable Madonna mastered the ability to seemingly change overnight to stay ahead of the curve. 


Posted by Linda Mihalick on: 
Jul 3 2017